Mr. E

Real Name


First Appearance

Punch Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher

Harry "A" Chesler/Rucker

Created by

Charles Sultan

Golden Age Origin

Mr. E appealed for guidance and assistance to a statue of a ancient tribal god named King Kolah which he found in the ruins of a prehistoric city. Housed in a hidden subterranean temple beneath his home, Kolah presented Mr. E with visions that led him to criminals. The idol also gave him and gave Mr. E the assistance of his elven messengers, the Messengers of Justice. The messengers were small gnome-like creatures who could shapeshift into blackbirds and wreaked mischief against Mr. E's enemies. The names of some of the creatures were Butch, Zipper, Tim and Spike. Mr. E used his visions and assistant gnomes to fight crime in Washington DC. Mr. E dated a girl named Miss Terry. Mr. E is seen with both blonde or black hair.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Dynamic Comics #9-23
  • Punch Comics #1-2
  • Lucky Coyne #1


  • St. John later re-printed and re-named the character as Lawson Hunt.

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