Mr. Magic

Real Name

Professor Takut Rabamja

First Appearance

Secret Service No. 444 (July 26, 1907)

Original Publisher

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Mr. Magic was a hindu spiritualist from Cambodia who organized the criminal organization known as the "Thumbless League." The members of the Thumbless League believed that Mr. Magic was guided by spirits who were never wrong. They were so devoted to Mr. Magic that they severed the thumb on their right hand as an initiation right. As it turned out, Mr. Magic played on their superstitions, holding well staged seances, and using fairly standard magic tricks. He was never wrong because he actually had a vast network of spies. However, Mr. Magic was a skilled stage magician, and when the police raided his compound, he managed to escape without a trace, despite the fact that all exits to the building were guarded by police. Mr. Magic was also, reputedly, a good healer. He was assisted by Frenchy and a dwarf named Dalkan who also escaped. After capturing Old King Brady, he told the detective that he wished to retire from crime and return to his own country, but that may have been another ploy.