Mr. Scarlet

Real Name

Brian Butler

First Appearance

Wow Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher

Fawcett Publications

Created by

France Herron & Jack Kirby


District attorney Brian Butler, frustrated by his inability to put away all the criminals, becomes the crime-busting costumed vigilante Mr. Scarlet at midnight every night. Unfortunately, Mr. Scarlet is so successful that he puts himself out of a job. So, by day, he looks for odd jobs to support himself, and at night, he fights evil as Mr. Scarlet, the "Red Knight of Justice." He is assisted by both his secretary, Miss Cherry Wade, and by his young sidekick, Pinky. Mr. Scarlet has one super power - the ability to fly. Mr. Scarlet also carries a ray gun that he rarely uses, usually relying on his wits and fighting ability.


alternate costume

His enemies included the seven members of the original Death Battalion, The Black Sphinx, The Boss, Hypo Kondriak, Mr. Hyde and Morto, Spirit of Murder, among others.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Wow Comics #1-35
  • America’s Greatest Comics #1-7
  • Captain Marvel Adventures #22
  • Gift Comics #1-2
  • Holiday Comics #1
  • Mighty Midget Comics: Mr. Scarlet (12)
  • X-Mas Comics #1-2

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