The Mummy

Real Name


First Appearance

Beware! Terror Tales #1(1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bernard Baily & Bob Powell

Golden Age Origin

The Mummy was the spectral narrator of the second of Fawcett's horror line, Beware! Terror Tales. Like his fellow horror host Dr. Death, The Mummy possessed a cadaverous appearance and a sardonic sense of humor, the latter usually displayed at the conclusion of each story. 'Subtle' hints dropped throughout several stories suggested that he was thousands of years old, having accumulated various supernatural abilities during his long existence. In contrast to Dr. Death, he rarely took a personal role in the tales he wove, preferring to act mainly as master of ceremonies. First appearing on the cover of Beware number 1 (May, 1952), he continued on as the title's host until its cancellation in 1953.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Beware! Terror Tales #1-8

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