Muscle Man

Real Name


First Appearance

Captain Flash #3 (May 1955)

Original Publisher


Created by

Mike Sekowsky

Golden Age Origin

Enhanced with a mob boss’s serum, Muscle Man is a man of steel and iron. His gang conducts a train robbery, with Muscles using a giant rock to block the tracks. Aborad the Century Limited, Keith Spencer transforms into Captain Flash and stops it from running into the back of the blocked train. Chasing the fleeing gang, Captain Flash is knocked out by Muscles.

Determined to lure him out, Captain Flash openly challenges Muscle to a fight - the winner taking one million dollars. Flash is able to bare Muscles' blows and manages to take him in the third round.

Powers and Abilities

Muscle Man is super-strong and possessing a degree of invulnerability (he's shown to be bulletproof yet, Captain Flash is still able to knock him out).

Golden Age Appearances

  • Captain Flash #3

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