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Mystery Man

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Mystery Man

Real Name

Richard Alden

First Appearance

Mystery Men Comics #5 (1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Will Eisner

Golden Age Origin

The athletic and handsome Richard Alden was the son of the mayor and seemed to be nothing more than a troublemaker. He also was constantly eating peanuts and had a crush on a reporter named Gail Blanch who was not overly fond of him. However, Richard was much more than met the eye; he was, in fact, the crime fighter known as Mystery Man. While Mystery Man was a hero, he was also one of the most wanted men in the city. He exposed criminal activities and, in turn, expected monetary rewards. He had no powers but was a skilled marksman. Gail discovered that Richard and Mystery Man are one and the same after finding a bag of peanuts in his pocket. Mystery Man fought the murderous villain known as Mr. Death. Interestingly, he is described as wearing a gray costume in the text, but the artwork shows him wearing blue.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Mystery Men Comics #5

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