Nadya Burnett

Real Name

Nadya Burnett

First Appearance

Super-Mystery Comics vol. 4 #2 (April, 1944)

Original Publisher

Ace Magazines

Created by

Lou Ferstadt


Nadya Burnett was one of the most beautiful models in the world, but she was also an extremely spiteful and greedy woman. When she was asked to model the Ghulisian Diamond, she decided to hire a gang to steal it for her. She was stopped by Mr. Risk.

After an accident with a hot light burned one side of her face, she decided to take her revenge on anyone who dared to laugh at her disfgiurement. She attempted to throw acid into the face of at least one intended victim. She vowed that no beautiful woman would ever laugh again!

Golden Age Appearances

Super-Mystery Comics vol. 4 #2


Nadya *may* have been inspired by the Batman villain Two-Face, who first appeared a year and a half earlier in August of 1942.