Real Name


First Appearance

Cat-Man Comics vol. 1 #8 (#3) (July 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Allen Ulmer, Jr.


Najar (also called Najor by the narrator) was a giant robot constructed by the disgruntled inventor, Borcia (also called Garcia by one of his henchmen), in his secluded laboratory just outside Verez, Mexico. Najar stood around 12 to 20 feet tall (as its proportions varied by scene) and was virtually indestructible. The robot's maker claimed it to be stronger than an entire army. After having Najar rampage through Verez as a demonstration of his power, Borcia planned to use his invention for global conquest. However, Dr. Diamond critically damaged Najar, rendering the monsterous machine lifeless; Borcia was then apprehended.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Cat-Man Comics #3

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