Nature Man

Real Name


First Appearance

Nature Boy #3 (1956)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jerry Siegel and John Buscema

Golden Age Origin

Nature Man while traveling through a town witnessed a lightning strike that destroyed the town's dam. Acting quickly, Nature Man transformed into his super powered state and used his control over electricity, water, love, and earth to divert the flood and save the town. However, no one saw Nature Man save the town so he simply returned to his normal form after saving the day and left without seeking glory or fame.

Powers and Abilities

If Nature Man was in fact a future incarnation of Nature Boy then he too was gifted by the monarchs of the elements with control over water, wind, fire, earth, love, electricity, and ice. He displayed control over four of these elements in his only appearance: electricity, water, earth, and love. 


  • Since the two page story never calls him David Crandall nor clarifies if the story takes place in the near future or present, it is possible that, like Nature Girl, Nature Man was a separate character with similar origins and powers.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Nature Boy #3

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