Nelvana of the Northern Lights

Real Name

Nelvana (went by "Alana North" when masquerading as a secret agent)

First Appearance

Triumph–Adventure–Comics #1 (Aug. 1941)

Original Publisher

Hillborough Studios

Created by

Franz Johnston and Adrian Dingle


Nelvana was a demi-goddess, the daughter of King Koliak and a mortal. She became the protector of the Inuit people aided by her brother Tanero using their abilities to protect the Inuits from threats such as the Axis powers or aliens. She had a brother, Tanero.

Powers and Abilities

Nelvana could fly, travel at the speed of light, become invisible, control the weather, change form, telepathically speak with her brother, and call upon other powers of the Northern Lights such as Koliak's powerful ray. The ray could melt metal or disrupt radio communications. She could also use her magic cloak to change into human form from light form. Nelvana was also seemingly immortal.


Golden Age Appearances

Nelvana oneshot

Hollborough Studios:

  • Triumph–Adventure–Comics #1-6

Bell Features:

  • Triumph Comics #7-31
  • Nelvana of The Northern Lights #1 (pictured left)

F.E. Howard:

  • Super Duper Comics #3


  • Nelvana was the third original Canadian-created superhero after Iron Man (Maple Leaf Publishing's Better Comics #1, March 1941) and Freelance (Anglo-American Publishing's Freelance Comics #1, July 1941), and the first original Canadian female superhero.
  • For Moonstone Books' 2010 mini-series, Johnny Canuck and the Guardians of the North, the character was re-named Nanook.
  • Nelvana of the Northern Lights stories from the original comic books were republished by Hope Nicholson and Rachel Richey in 2014 through the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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