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Neptune (known as Poseidon in Greek Mythology) was the god of the sea in Greco-Roman mythology. He was one of the Twelve Olympians, the brother of Zeus and Pluto of Hades. He was also the father to many sea nymphs and other creatures.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Captain Marvel Comics vol. 4 #11
  • Humdinger vol. 1 #4
  • Mystery Men Comics #24: Rex Dexter of Mars recounts the tale of how Neptune released the Cetus monster to punish Cassiopea for claiming that her daughter was more beautiful than his own.
  • Hit Comics #2: Neptune meets Tommy Twinkle at the bottom of the sea and gives him a fish to ride back to the surface.
  • Pep Comics #20: Neptune commissions Danny of Wonderland to rid his seas of the pirate Black Bart.
  • Blue Circle Comics #1-5: Father Neptune makes Maureen Marine the queen of Atlantis.
  • America's Greatest Comics #5: Neptune helps Captain Marvel battle invading Japanese warships.
  • Nature Boy #3-5: Neptune grants Nature Boy mastery over water and occasionally helps him on his adventures.
  • Feature Comics #70, 92
  • Hoppy the Marvel Bunny #9
  • Weird Comics #2: Neptune appears as a fire-breathing mer-man who battles the hero Typhon.
  • Weird Comics #10: Neptune (as "King Druid") battles the Sorceress of Zoom.
  • Master Comics #41: Pygmallion brings a statue of Neptune to life.
  • A Treasury of Horses (Dell): Show riding an aquatic horse.

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