Nick Trayne

Real Name

Nick Trayne

First Appearance

The Living Ghost (1942)

Original Publisher

Monogram Pictures

Created by

William Beaudine


Nick Trayne is described as "one of the best" private detectives by Nick's friend, Ed Moline. Nick's former employment as the "Chief Investigator at the District Attorney's office".

At the disappearance of the wealthy banker, Walter Craig, Moline suggests the hiring of Trayne to investigate. The family agrees. Moline seeks out Trayne. Trayne is found operating a business as "Brother Trayne The Sympathetic" . He hires himself as a "Professional Listener", to give an ear to his customer's woes.

Ed Moline offers Trayne the case. Soon, the wisecracking sleuth is interviewing people of interest in Walter Craig's disappearance.

Public Domain Appearances

  • The Living Ghost (1942)

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