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Real Name

Miss Davis

First Appearance

X-Venture #1 (June 1947)

Original Publisher

Victory Magazine Corp.

Created by



Miss Davis was a bank secretary who used her position to get access to the vault combination which she then gave to her gang. The crooks dressed as cops to get the bank off guard and then proceeded to rob it. In order to make herself seem innocent Davis ran her gang under the guise of the Night which concealed both her gender and identity. Then she would frame the bank owner as the one who organized the heist.

However, reporter Rick Rawson and his co-worker Laura begin snooping around and the Night decides they needed to be eliminated. She kidnaps Laura by wearing a wig and then knocking her out then sends a note to Rick telling him where to find her so he will fall into the Night's deathtrap. However, Rick saves Laura and unmasks the Night ending her planned crime-spree.

Public Domain Appearances

  • X-Venture #1


  • Other websites have called this character "Mystery Shadow" however, that is the name of the feature itself not any character in the story.

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