Night Wind

Real Name

Bingham Harvard

First Appearance

Alias, The Night Wind in The Cavalier (May 10, 1913)

Original Publisher

Frank Munsey

Created by

Frederic van Rennselaer Dey (as Varick Vanardy)


Originally a bank clerk, Bingham was framed for theft, but he refused to go quietly into police custody. Dubbed, "The Night Wind" by the police for his elusiveness, he remained a fugitive until he could clear his name. He was at least five times stronger than the average man, and frequently broke the limbs of the police who tried to apprehend him. He had been an orphan, so the source of his strength is unclear.

He was aided by Kate Maxwell, a nurse turned police detective, called in to capture Harvard. She becomes convinced that he is innocent and they fall in love. After getting married, they leave the country for a time, before returning with evidence to clear Harvard's name.