Norman Durocher

Real Name

Norman Durocher

First Appearance

Space Adventures #9 (Winter 1954)

Original Publisher


Created by

Carl Memling, Art Cappello, Dick Giordano


Dr. Eric Bruno worked on a remote island with his assistant, Norman Durocher. Supplies were delivered by boat to the island. The sailors delivering the items didn't care for Bruno's aggressive demeanor, leaving as soon as they could.

Bruno developed a microscopic species of creatures similar in appearance and habits to Microscopic Neanderthals. He speeds up their cultural and evolutionary process. In little time, the creatures had developed to a societal state where matters resembled the first World War. Soon again, they had developed a weapon akin to the atom bomb.

As the society progressed past the current state, Doctor Bruno sped the process to an age in similarity to our development to the year 2153. The microscopic culture was preparing an "argon bomb". Norman Durocher demands Dr. Bruno stop. Bruno kills Durocher. Going to stop the process before the society detonated the argon bomb, he trips over Durocher's dead body. He is too late to stop the bomb.

The deadly radiation created in the explosion combined with the air make Bruno's progress difficult and painful in his efforts to reach the water and leave the island. He dies before reaching the ocean. Soon after, the island is destroyed. The effects of the argon released into the atmosphere remains a deadly question.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #9

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