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Nyoka the Jungle Girl

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Nyoka the Jungle Girl
Nyoka the Jungle Girl -6

Real Name

Nyoka Meredith/Gordon

First Film Appearance

The Jungle Girl (1941)

First Comic Book Appearance

Jungle Girl #1 (1945)

Original Publisher


Created by

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Film Serial Origin Edit

Nyoka's father Dr. John Meredith came to Africa with his daughter to escape the shame brought upon their family by his criminal twin Bradley. Dr. Meredith uses his medical skills to help the natives and ends up displacing the local witch doctor of the Masamba, Shamba. However Shamba later teams up with Bradley and Slick Latimer, who arrived looking for a local diamond mine, to kill Dr. Meredith. Bradley then replaces his brother and takes over his life. Nyoka discovers their plan teams up with Jack Stanton and Curly Rogers to stop her villainous uncle and his allies.

Golden Age Origin Edit

In the comics, her fiancé was named Larry Grayson. Unlike normal jungle girls who wear animal skins and speak broken English, Nyoka was civilized and dressed in safari gear. However, in most of her stories she was knocked out and tied up at least once, but in the end she has to come to the rescue of her inept fiancé, Larry.

Golden Age AppearancesEdit

  • Jungle Girl #1
  • Nyoka the Jungle Girl vol. 1 #2-77 (Fawcett)
  • Nyoka the Jungle Girl vol. 2 #14-22 (Charlton)
  • Danger and Adventure #22-23
  • Master Comics #50-71


  • Nyoka was a licensed character from Republic Studios. In 1939, Republic made the serial Jungle Girl based on the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. However, the serial bore no resemblence to and no character named Nyoka appears in the novel. Republic made a sequel, Perils of Nyoka (1941), which was based on the previous serial and Burroughs was not credited at all.

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