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Real Name


First Appearance

Planet Comics #59 (March, 1949)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

John Douglas

Golden Age Origin

Lizard men

The lizard men of Oceania

Oceania was a tiny planetoid covered with silver oceans inhabited by many unusual species including large reptilian creatures, octopus-like creatures and giant sea spiders. There were also the lizard men armed with bolo strings.


The fishermen

On the surface could be seen towers connected to a great aqua-dome reaching all the way down to the ocean floor serving as headquarters for the "fishermen", an outlaw band occupied with mineral recovery, trafficking in salvaged oddities and listening in on radio traffic for intel on unwary ships to sell to space pirates, all under the supervision of their captain Blargo, the Lawless.

Heads oceania2

The heads of Oceania

Underneath the sea was a network of glittering caverns hiding an underground civilization of humans ruled from a strange marble palace by three telepathic heads whose bodies had degraded into long tendrils submerged in preservative vases on a pedestal. These heads employed a replica machine, that could create short-lived clones telepathically linked to the original in order to retrieve information, and the Mystery Sands, a miniature desert that turned humans exposed to it into half-animal monsters.

Golden Age Comic Appearances

Planet Comics #59-63

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