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Real Name


First Appearance

Octobriana and the Russian Underground (1971)

Created by

Petr Sadecky, Bohuslav Konecny, Zdenek Burian & Milos Novak


Her name means "The Spirit of October."

She is the Russian she-devil, the Soviet Wonder Woman.

She embodies the ideals of the October Revolution that were betrayed by the Soviet government.


  • Allegedly created in Russia in the late 1960s, this is highly-contested. Petr Sadecky, in his book, Octobriana and the Russian Underground, claimed her to be the creation of a group of dissident creators of samizdat comics called the PPP (the Peoples' Pornography Party) who, in accordance with the ideals of Communism, made the character freely available to everyone.
    • In fact, this was all a hoax and Octobriana was based on a previous (but, unpublished) character called Amazona with no political overtones.
      • However, it appears that Octobriana was indeed created almost exclusively for the public domain.
  • The combination of sex appeal and vague revolutionary politics made Octobriana something of a pop culture icon in '70s and '80s Britain.
    • She was to star in a movie produced by David Bowie but, nothing came of it.
      • Billy Idol had her tattooed on his arm.
  • Her concept was part of the inspiration for Jenny Everywhere.

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