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Octopod sm

Real Name

Dr. Eugene Tendro

First Appearance

July 15, 2011

Original Publisher

Heroes and Henchmen

Created by



After several decades spent trying to reproduce the uncanny abilities of octopods to regrow limbs, Dr. Tendro knew nothing but failure. This lack of success drove Tendro to obsession. After several days of study without a moment's rest, he feel asleep at the wheel of his car and suffered a horrific collision.

Days later, Tendro awoke to find that he had lost both arms due to the crash. This fate only honed the Doctor's focus. He dove even further into his work, using his awkward prosthetic limbs to their absolute limit. As he reached the brink of madness, he finally made a breakthrough. He was able to replicate limb regrowth in lab rats.

It was then that Eugene Tendro realized that by completing this task, he had sealed his own replacement on the project. With successful cases for his comrades to study, his importance was severely diminished. In a demented fit, Tendro decided that if he became the test subject, no one could keep him from researching his own reaction. He managed to inject himself with the materials he had been testing, and was changed forever.

Now a wretched amalgam of octopus and man, "Octopod" carries out twisted experiments and feels free to steal anything he may require for them... including human test subjects.

With all the benefits of a human-sized octopus and the intellect of a mad genius, Octopod is one of the most disturbing and dangerous criminals in Gemini City.

Regularly teams up with Dirtnap and Tritops and considers Spinner one of his greatest foes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius intellect.
  • Extra arms, small but powerful suction cups on palms, minor arm-length extension, regeneration of limbs, skin capable of minor camoflage, flexible and compactable body, spits blinding ink.


  • Dry climates, extreme heat.

Weapons and Accessories

  • Squid-themed technological devices that stick to targets before detonating. This includes everything from explosives to trackers to mind-control devices.
  • Diver's body suit, lab coat, high-tech "swim goggles".


Octopod is a Creative Commons character. The license covering this character essentially states that ANYONE can use it for ANYTHING as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • It gives credit to the heroes and henchmen site.
  • It's non-profit (Exceptions can be made for indie comics if premission is attained beforehand).
  • Others can use your changes if they so choose.

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