Octopus helnit

Real Name


First Appearance

Terrific Comics #3 (1944)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ed Wheelan

Golden Age Origin

The Octopus was a criminal mastermind who wore headgear that resembled an octopus. He kidnapped Rosalie Brown, Comics McCormick's girlfriend, in order to acquire her wishing ring. Comics infiltrated the Octopus' hideout using an invisibility pill. He then grabbed a war club in the Octopus' office and knocked out his henchmen. The Octopus who was terrified of an enemy he could no see tried to escape with Rosalie. Comics then took a visibility pill and then confront the villain by smacking him in the head with the war club. However, when Comics tried to remove the villains's mask the Octopus escaped through a trap door which lead to the river.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Terrific Comics #3


  • The Octopus was a comic book character within the comic book whose adventures are read by Comics McCormick. After reading an issue of Octopus Comics, he had a daydream about having to fight the Octopus.
  • In Fat and Slat #4, Comics encountered a near identical villain called the Octopus-Man.

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