Omega Frost

Real Name

Decker Jackson

First Appearance

Free Universe Forums - May 2010

Original Publisher

Free Universe

Created by

Dominic Bennetts


In the early 21st century, a group of superheroes attacked the alien synthetic intelligence known as Syntel within its secret base of operations, an icy cathedral of technology located beneath the Antarctic ice. History records that the battle saw a significant loss of superhuman life, with the extraterrestrial robot killing every single hero involved in the raid. However, one hero, his name lost to time, was not killed but rather frozen solid by a combination of alien technology and the intense cold of the Antarctic climate. The freezing process nearly killed him but his superhuman durability kept him alive and slowly healing even in cryogenic stasis, his powers growing within the tomb of permafrost he was locked inside as the years passed by.

Sometime in the future, decades or perhaps centuries after, a research group returned to the scene of the battle to pick over its scoured remains, and to attempt to excavate the deeper levels of the station that had collapsed during the titanic battle. It was in these unexplored levels that they discovered the frozen hero, whom the scientists designated Subject Omega. Upon further inspection of Omega, the scientists were amazed to find that he was actually still alive. Though his heart was beating at an incredibly slow pace, and all higher brain functions appeared to have shut down, Omega was undeniably alive, and so the scientists carved him from the ice and returned him to their laboratory, where they would thaw him out and discover that the freezing process had changed his skin to a pale blue.

Testing on Subject Omega after he was defrosted revealed some astonishing things to the scientists. His metatalents had apparently adapted to the sub-zero temperatures, absorbing characteristics of this and altering his molecular structure slightly to grant him new powers of frost and cold manipulation. But the scientists were more interested in the knowledge and memories inside Omega's head, and they were disappointed to discover the near-fatal experience had scrambled his long-term memory. Omega was amnesiac, only able to remember snippets of his life, and as such he was of little value for his original purpose any longer. So Omega was released into civilian life, and took up the identity of Decker Jackson, an insurance agent for Brenner Global Enterprises.

Unfortunately, Omega found life as an insurance agent to be unfulfilling, and he decided he wanted to become a superhero again to recapture some of the lingering memory of glory that still remained inside his mind. Omega had a number of cybernetic augmentations installed within his body to complement his own existing superpowers and with the formidable combination of technology and talent, he retook the heroic mantle of Omega, the Last Superhuman, setting out to reclaim his former glory and heroic fame.

But in a world where such technology was so freely available, and with the continually growing metahuman popularity, Omega was just another blip on the radar to the teeming mass of humanity that inhabited Earth at the time, an unnoticed relic of the past playing at being a hero instead of really being one. He took to studying up on heroes of the past, when it struck his as to what he needed to do. He would travel back in time and take the identity of an existing superhero who was known to be famous in the future age, and in doing so guarantee his success by way of a closed time loop. His plan to travel back in time was a success, but the effects of the timetravel left him disoriented at a key moment, and so instead of stealing the identity of the heroic Frostbite his jumbled mind combined the name with his own, and he announced to the world that he was Omega Frost. Unfortunately for Omega, his new name stuck and he was unable to claim the title of Frostbite, no matter how many times he tried over the course of his new life.

Current Status

Alive and being a hero. Kind of. After his moment of fame as Omega Frost the Blue Streak, he managed to convince people that he was a hero, though few were willing to entertain the notion that he was from the future, and fewer were willing to entertain the notion that he was Frostbite. Omega Frost was a lot more catchy, and in the end it stuck. So now Decker fights crime and monsters as Omega Frost, though he still tries to convince people he’s Frostbite. His declaration of his future as a world-famous hero means that many in the hero community see him as arrogant, self-absorbed and a touch crazy as well. Additionally, his ‘auto-biography’ of life in the future garnered him further notoriety as a hero who can’t really be trusted to be honest and straight with you. Even worse, enterprising companies took advantage of the inherent strangeness of Omega Frost to the people at large with a movie deal in the early stages of his career. This caused other heroes to see him as only in the job for money and glory, causing him to become estranged from others in the community. Even worse, the movie tanked. Very badly. Now Omega Frost just fights crime, trying as best he can to scrounge up some glory, or even a little cash, perhaps just a date with a damsel in distress.

Powers and Abilities

Omega's natural superhuman powers include a high degree of stamina and enhanced reflexes, as well as low-grade superspeed that allows him to run at around 200 km/h. The cryogenic accident altered the composition of his body to a more dense, partially crystalline, form that grants him a moderate degree of superhuman durability that makes him about half as tough as the formidable Definitiveguy, and this same density has enhanced his strength to being able to lift approximately 500 tons with relative ease.

The flash-freezing also granted Omega an array of cold-related abilities, with him able to lower the temperature of his immediate vicinity, or to focus it further and snap-freeze objects, or just the air around an object to imprison it. Through his manipulation, it can be made to snow or even hail, and Omega has become skilled at forming shards of ice from moisture in the air to throw or use otherwise. This also leaves him immune to cold temperatures himself, and also very resistant to high temperatures, as he is able to cool the atmosphere around him to comfortable levels.

Decker’s cybernetic implants grant an array of expanded abilities, such as:

  • IR scanning, X-ray vision, enhanced targeting overlays, low-light/bright-light adaptable vision and telescopic zoom with digital image recording
  • Internal air filters that clear smoke and toxins from his lungs, and recycle a single breath of air to last up to 20 minutes
  • Futuristic communication/monitoring link that can break through almost any modern encryption and security
  • Wireless data downloading, via short-range transfer or satellite link-up
  • High-density high-speed data storage unit in a cranial computer chip
  • Zero Point energy generator installed in Omega's chest to power his implants
  • Zero Point energy projectors fitted in each palm, that can fire potent beams of energy with variable settings from low-powered stun settings, or ones designed to heat a cup of tea, up to a powerful building-vaporising blast.


Omega Frost operates from a house in Sydney, Australia with a handful of secret heroic features installed within, but he operates worldwide, forming acquaintances with many heroes and villains. However, acquaintances is about the best it gets generally, given that most find him to be insufferably smug, totally blind and disgustingly optimistic about his own future, and concerned more with looks and money than actually doing any good. The bigger, more important heroes generally consider him little more than an annoyance that will occasionally do some good, but more often than not just spoil things somehow.

Omega Frost’s only truly consistent foe is Firestorm, who is able to match his ice with fire, but he’s fought plenty of others, made plenty of minor enemies, and generally isn’t really liked by all that many people. Of particular note is Frostbite, a fellow cold-based hero. Omega is always trying to steal the credit for Frostbite's heroics in order to try to complete the closed time loop, and has imitated or fought the hero several times, but always manages to fail in his mission to become famous as Frostbite.


Omega Frost is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish; author citations are not necessary.

The original intent for Omega Frost is that he was a possible future version of Fantastic Jack, an arrogant, self-glorifying hero of middling power who ends up getting in too deep against an alien threat and pays the price.

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