Operator 5
Operator five 193404 v1 n1
Cover to Operator #5 vol. 1 #1

Real Name

Jimmy Christopher

First Appearance

Operator #5 vol. 1 #1 (April 1934)

Original Publisher

Popular Publications

Created by

Frederick C. Davis (as "Curtis Steele")

Golden Age Origin

Operator 5 was really Jimmy Christopher, a maverick secret service agent who worked as main operative for an ambiguous government organization. For this organization, Jimmy Christopher fought against America's enemies' efforts to take over America. The enemies were often from countries with fictional names and veiled references to nations such as Germany and Japan. Examples of foes fought by Operator 5 included the Thirteenth Darkness, The Atlantis (a flying fortress), The Yellow Scourge, Zaava, and the Black Menace.

In addition to being a secret agent, he was a master of disguise, radio operator, chemist, and weaponry expert. Operator 5 also had two trademarks: a skull ring and a rapier which was kept curled inside his belt.

Public Domain Golden Age Appearances

  • Operator #5 v. 1 #1-4, v. 2 #1-3

Copyrighted Golden Age Appearances

  • Operator #5 v. 2 #4- v.5 #1
  • Secret Service Operator #5 v. 5 #2 - v. 12 #4

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