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Real Name

Hannah Ments

First Appearance

Lightbringer #1 (2006)

Original Publisher

Steel Dragon Comics

Created by

Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug


Hannah Ments is a teenager who recently moved to Pharos City. She finds out that her boss is Lightbringer and becomes his assistant. Eventually, she obtains the gauntlet of the villain Power Glove, which amplifies her strength (which was already a bit stronger than her size and age would attest), and decides to put on a mask and help Lightbringer, eventually deciding on the name Osprey. Her Osprey costume allows her to glide through the air, as well as using Power Glove's technology to amplify her strength, lets her hover briefly, and can propel her long distances.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Lightbringer #1-14


On September 30th, 2013, Linkara posted that he was releasing the Lightbringer comic into the public domain.

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