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George Bush et P lod
P'Lod meeting with U.S. President George H. W. Bush in 1992.

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Weekly World News

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P'Lod is a (fictional) extraterrestrial who, according to the American supermarket tabloid the Weekly World News, actively seeks to advise U.S. politicians for the benefit of the world or the galaxy.

During the 1992 US presidential election campaign, both George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton were photographed reading WWN issues that depicted them meeting with P'Lod. Bush got a hearty laugh from the article and Clinton held his copy up at a campaign stop and joked that it proved his campaign had "universal" appeal. The WWN ran the photos of both candidates reading their publication, for once running pictures that had not been altered.


Although only created in 1992, Weekly World News claims no copyright on the character as they (somewhat mockingly) claim him to be real (and indeed he could be). However, only the general "myth" of the character as outlined by Weekly World News can be considered public domain, any appearances of him elsewhere are NOT.

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