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Clue Comics vol. 1 #9 (Winter, 1944)

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Golden Age Origin Edit

Paris was an androgynous android originally created in France to demonstrate advances in robotics by playing chess with humans. Paris was later modified by a criminal named Melton to commit crimes. Originally, Paris moved with a stiff gate and squeaked when it was low on grease. Melton modified it, giving him great strength and agility, in addition to its superior mathematical timing and highly strategic tactics. It was capable of juggling, walking a tight rope, swinging on a trapeeze, and lifting a full grown man over its head. It could also drive and pick locks. However, Paris was unable to speak, felt no pain, and had no moral reasoning. It was built with more than half a million dollar worth of diamonds, which helped it to function. It was eventually stopped by Boy King and his Giant, after it killed Melton by throwing him from the high wire at a circus.

Golden Age Appearances Edit

Clue Comics #9

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