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Real Name


First Appearance

"At The Earth's Core" in All-Story Weekly from (April 4–25, 1914)

Original Publisher

Frank Munsey

Created by

Edgar Rice Burroughs


Pellucidar is a world 500 miles below the surface of the hollow Earth, that resides on the inside of the earth's shell. It is accessible through a tunnel in the Antarctic. The land masses are the inverse of the land masses on Earth's surface.

"We know that the crust of the globe is 500 miles in thickness; then the inside diameter of Pellucidar must be 7,000 miles, and the superficial area 165,480,000 square miles. Three-fourths of this is land. Think of it! A land area of 124,110,000 square miles! Our own world contains but 53,000,000 square miles of land, the balance of its surface being covered by water."

As one looks into the horizon of Pellucidar, things appear to be higher, the farther away they are. While the jungles can be misty and the atmosphere can make great distances hazy, there are rarely clouds in the skies of Pellucidar.


The Sun

Pellucidar is lit by a stationary inner sun that shines on the land 24 hours a day. As a result, Pelluciadar is hot and overgrown with vegetation. Intelligent inhabitants can not rely on the sun to keep track of time.

The Moon

There is a moon, known to the inhabbitants of Pellucidar as The Dead World, which hangs in geosynchronous orbit, about a mile off the surface of pellucidar. The region below it, is the only place in Pellucidar that is naturally dark, and this region is known to the inhabitants as the Dark Country.

The Inhabitants

Because of the constant sun, Pellucidar is covered in heavy jungles of vegetation, which support a wide variety of animal life. Pellucidar is inhabited by a number of intelligent and semi-intelligent species including:

Mahars: A race of intelligent flying reptiles, about 6-8 feet in length, who appear to be one of the dominant lifeforms of Pellucidar. They live in subterranean cities and have telepathic powers. In addition to winged flight, they have webbed feet and are excellent swimmers.

Sagoths: Semi-intelligent ape-like men who faithfully serve the Mahars. They have sleek black skin, large white teeth, short legs, long arms and thin prehensile tails capable of supporting their weight. They live in huts built in the trees, 50 feet above the ground. They have no weapons and wear no clothes or garments. They are very strong and agile and tend to grin and chatter.

Primitive Humans: There are humans who live in Pellucidar, surviving with primitive tools and weapons in the dangerous jungles. They wear animal skins and metal jewlery.

The lands are also inhabited by a wide variety of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, including saber-toothed tigers (tarags to the natives), cave lions (felis spelaea), cave bears (ursus spelaeus), giant sloths (megatherium), hyaenodons, mastodons, and raging bos (thags to the natives). The skies are dominated by fierce pterodactyls (thipdars to the natives). The waters are inhabited by all manner of prehistoric monsters and serpents including labyrinthodons, ichthyosaurs (azdyryths to the natives) and plesiosaurs (tandorazes to the natives).


Only information on Pellucidar from the first two novels, At the Earth's Core, and Pellucidar, is in the public domain in the United States.

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