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Spaceship Penumbra

Real Name


First Appearance

Amazing Adventures #5 (Oct.-Nov. 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Murphy Anderson


The Perimeter Patrol spaceship, the Penumbra, is commanded by Captain Martin Hawkins. After Hawkins returns Lieutenant Groll Mynot after Groll gets space sickness, Captain Hawkins is banned to the desolate planetoid, Malooka.

After Lieutanant Mynot recovers, he is given command of the Penumbra. He takes the ship and goes to rescue Hawkins from his banishment on Malooka. They overcome aliens there trying to use a fungus to interfere with the Perimeter Patrol. Hawkins is reinstated as the ship's commander, with Groll Mynot as his second-in-command.


The Penumbra is used for missions inside the Solar System. It speed is unknown, but it never shown to be a light-speed ship.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Adventures #5

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