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Phantom Flyer
Phantom Flyer

Real Name

Col. Carver

First Appearance

Contact Comics #5 (Mar. 1945)

Original Publisher

Aviation Press

Created by


Golden Age Origin

In his only appearance, the mysterious superhero known as the Phantom Flyer was clad in a green suit and, with his ward Kenny, flew their Shark Plane as they battled a squadron of giant Nazi pilots who had been enlarged by a new Nazi invention. He is a retired US aviator named Col. Carver.

Powers and weapons

  • Tremendous agility: He leaps from one plane to another of an enemy squadron in flight.
  • Super strength: He pierces the fuselage of an airplane with his fingers.
  • Weapons: The Shark Plane.
  • Hanging from his waist is a dagger that is unused in the story.

Golden Age Appearance

  • Contact Comics #5


The character is not called Phantom Flyer in the story, only in the title/logo. In the text of the story, he is the Flying Phantom instead.


Contact Comics no. 5 on the Internet Archive

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