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Phantom Rider

Real Name

Tex Maxon

First Appearance

Wonderworld Comics #3 (1939)

Original Publisher

Fox Features Syndicate

Created by

Cecilia Munson

Golden Age Origin

The Phantom Rider was Tex Maxon. Armed with two six-guns and riding his horse, Streak, the Phantom Rider roamed the American west fighting outlaws and keeping the peace.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Wonderworld Comics #3-27
Screenshot 2016-12-24-11-22-43

One of The Phantom Rider's many early looks before settling in on his classic look in issue #17


  • Tex Maxon only began his masked identity as The Phantom Rider with issue #11, with several of his adventures appearing to have the mask drawn or colored in as an afterthought.
  • In many of the stories, it appears that, despite it being a masked identity, the Phantom Rider was known to be Maxon.

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