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Planet Pluvius
A Pluvian city

Real Name


First Appearance

Prize Comics #3 (May, 1940)

Original Publisher

Prize Comics

Created by

Dick Sprang?

Golden Age Origin

Pluvian archers

A patrol of Pluvian archers

Pluvius is a planet rich in radium. To acquire enough radium to stop the green plague epidemic in New-New York Power Nelson travels there in a brand new spaceship with Prince Ugi as a hostage. They come across a large carnivorous plant with tentacles, a croco-tiger and a pool of strange yellow liquid that shrinks the careless Prince Ugi to a fifth his size (the effect is neutralized upon returning to Earth). The planet is inhabited by at least two cultures, currently at war; one a calm and civil tribe of humanoids all encased in bulbous suits of armor wielding bows and arrows, the other the tribe of the hairy Guroos wielding spears and catapults.


The hairy Guroos

Notable citizens of Pluvius:

  • King Rari: Ruler of a Pluvian city. He wields a ray emitter that immediately teaches anyone the Pluvian language and will give Power Nelson radium for his help in defeating Wodo and returning Leelee to power.
  • Queen Leelee: The deposed ruler of the hairy Guroos. In the dungeon of spikes she saves a radium-weakened Power Nelson from dying in the death trap with an ointment, an antidote against radium.
  • Wodo: Usurper of her sister Leelee's throne.

Golden Age Appearances

Prize Comics #3 (May, 1940)

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