Professor Octopus

Real Name


First Appearance

Four Favorites #1 (September, 1941)

Original Publisher

Ace Comics

Created by

Louis Ferstadt

Golden Age Origin

Professor Octopus was a deadly foreign agent, who commanded a submarine that was intent on ambushing Allied naval forces during World War II. He and his crew appeared to be Chinese, but they were likely working for the Japanese. Professor Octopus battled Magno and Davey, and they helped the British Navy to sink his submarine. However, Professor Octopus managed to escape the blast in a detachable escape sub.

Professor Octopus had four arms, and clawed fingers. He appearently considered himself a talented killer, and he was seen using a large saber in battle. It is unclear what he was a professor of, but he was clearly an intelligent leader and mastermind.

Golden Age Appearances

Four Favorites #1

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