Professor Skinn

Real Name

Professor Skinn

First Appearance

Silver Streak Comics #7 (January, 1941)

Original Publisher

Lev Gleason

Created by

Jack Cole

Golden Age Origin

After being severely beaten by his brothers who intended to kill him and collect on his life insurance, Professor Skinn found himself blind. He turned to science and created an artifical eye for himself, which sits on top of his head. Seeking revenge, Skinn went about killing his brothers, Phineas, Zanner and Mortimer on their birthdays. Impressed with Dickie Dean's genius for invention, he asked the boy to become his partner. However, Dickie refused, until Skinn injected a drug into his brain that removed his conscience. The two then robbed a bank, but Dickie, free of the professor's influence, helped bring him to justice. After escaping prison, Professor Skinn sought revenge against Dean, and challenged the boy to a war of inventions.


Professor Skinn's inventions, besides those mentioned, included a giant flying octopus vehicle, a ray that can turn living creatures into dust, a viso-scope spy camera, an army of radio-controlled robots and a squad of trained birds. He also used conventional weapons such as handguns and cannons. He was aided by the dim wited brute, Blubber, who seemed to posses superhuman strength when enraged.

Golden Age Appearances

Silver Streak Comics #7-9, 11

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