Prussan Spy
From Fight Comics #5

Real Name


First Appearance

Fight Comics #5 (1940)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Franklin Harding, Don Rico, and Leonard Frank.


Prussan spy 02

From Captain Flight #3.

The Prussan Spy was undercover agent of Prussany that was trying to help her country by infiltrating an American airport. However Saber, the Spy Fighter reads her mind and discovers the enemy plans and prevents a Prussany plot to invade the United States from Lonepine Valley, 50 miles north of Denver via capsules. After preventing the invasion, Saber took the angry spy back to his headquarters joking that angry thoughts were unbecoming of a pretty fraulein such as herself.

Edited re-prints of Fiction House's Saber, The Spy Fighter from Fight Comics #5 were used for Telo the Mental Wizard's adventures from Captain Flight #3 featured this spy as well.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Fight Comics #5
  • Captain Flight #3