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After Action Comics #1 gave the world Superman in 1938, there was an explosion of costumed heroes in comics. New publishers and characters sprang up everywhere. After World War II, these characters fell out of favor with readers and caused many publishers to go out of business. Those comics and their stars have since entered the public domain, enabling anyone to use those characters and classic stories any way they wish. Over the years, many publishers have taken advantage of this, including AC Comics (FemForce, Men of Mystery), Malibu (The Protectors), America's Best (Terra Obscura), and - most recently - Dynamite (Project Superpowers), and Image Comics (Next Issue Project, Savage Dragon, and Hack/Slash) among others.

This is intended to be an online encyclopedia of these characters, providing pertinent information to fans who want to learn about their history, as well as creators who may want to use them. Unless otherwise noted, all images and information are believed to be in the public domain. The information and images presented are intended to give a brief overview of the characters and provide a visual reference.

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