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The Puppeteer

Real Name

Alan Hale

First Appearance

  • All Top Comics #1 (1944 - as Captain V)
  • Rocket Kelly #2 (1945 - as the Puppeteer)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Alec Hope

Golden Age Origin

Alan Hale, the Puppeteer, took his super hero name from his profession, which was that of a puppet maker. He transforms into the Puppeteer whenever Raven, his talking bald eagle (however everyone including Raven refers to him as a raven), plays Beethoven's Fifth Symphony on a magic pipe organ in the back of Alan's puppet shop. His powers include super strength and flight by way of red, white, and blue "v-beams."

He has also been called Captain V and has a similar costume to earlier hero V-Man.

In his first adventure as Captain V (written as Capt. V throughout), he battles the cunning devices of the Royal Family of Crime.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Blue Beetle #46
  • All Top Comics (unnumbered one-shot)
  • All Good Comics #1
  • All Your Comics (unnumbered one-shot)
  • All Great Comics (2nd of two unnumbered one-shots)
  • Rocket Kelly #2
  • Book of All Comics (unnumbered one-shot)
  • Book of Comics (unnumbered one-shot)

Puppeteer/Captain V

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