The Purple Dragon

Real Name


First Appearance

A New Wonderland (1900)

Original Publisher

Robert Howard Russell

Created by

L. Frank Baum


The Purple Dragon was a terrible creature that lived in the Land of Mo. Besides being naughty, it was big, fierce, and strong.

Scientists say that Purple Dragons are the most disagreeable to fight with. The Purple Dragon of Mo had raspberry juice running through its veins, and its body stretched as easily as rubber. It's teeth were securely fastened through its jaw and were clinched underneath.

The Purple Dragon once bit off the head of the King of Mo, but it disagreed with him so he spit it back out a few days later. As a prank, he bit off a wood-chopper's head and replaced it with the king's. The wood-chopper restored the king's head to his body, and then successfully retrieved his own from the Dragon.

Later the dragon was caught stealing plum-pudding from the royal garden. As punishment, the people of Mo tried to pull out its teeth with forceps, but only succeeded in stretching it until it was the width of a piece of twine. Prince Fiddlecumdoo of Mo cut the dragon into violin strings, thus bringing an end to him.

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