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Purple Tigress

Real Name

Ann Morgan

First Appearance

All Good Comics #1 (1944)

Original Publisher


Created by

Betty Brown

Golden Age Origin

The beautiful and wealthy socialite Anita "Ann" Morgan is also secretly the enigmatic crime fighter known as the Purple Tigress. Her origin is never revealed, and her powers (if any) are kept vague. She is described as having "cat-like" eyes that let her see in the dark, and she is shown to be a skilled fighter and able to perform great athletic feats. In her first appearance, she battled a criminal gang led by Thorne and Stella. In her second appearance, she matched wits against an international jewel thief known as "The Flasher".

Ann's entourage of comic relief suitors (Reggie, Henri and Butterball) are equally smitten with the Purple Tigress, but neither they nor anyone else ever seems to notice that Ann and the Purple Tigress are the same person. (How this is possible, considering that her costume has no mask, is never explained.)

Note: In her first appearance, her name is given as "Ann Morgan", in her second appearance it is "Anita Morgan".

Golden Age Appearances

  • Jo-Jo Comics #7a
  • All Good Comics #1


Purple Tigress's namesake might not be a tiger at all but rather an insect known as the Rhyparia purpurata (Purple Tiger).

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