Quentin Locke

Real Name

Quentin Locke, Jr.

First Appearance

The Master Mystery (Novel, 1919)

Original Publisher

Created by

John W. Grey and Arthur B. Reeve


Quentin Locke was a Federal Agent for the Department of Justice. He was sent undercover to work for Internatoinal Patents Inc, which the government suspected of violating anti-trust laws. Locke, himself, was an inventor, having created the Dictograph (an eaves-dropping device), and deadly poison gas bullets. He is a master escape artist (a real Houdini), a good fighter, and usually carries a standard issue automatic.

His father, it turns out, is Doctor Q (Quentin Locke, Sr.), the mad sceintist who created the Iron Terror, as well as a number of other diabolical devices which nearly ended Junior's life. Dr. Locke had fled the country and lost his children in a shipwreck in the South Pacific. It turns out that Peter Brent's secretary, Zita Dane, was actually Zita Locke, Quentin's long lost sister. Quentin eventually settled down with Peter Brent's daughter, Eva.