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Quetzal is the Aztec God of Justice. When Torque and his band of escaped prisoners shipwreck on the shore of the Gulf Coast of Mexico, they seek refuge in Quetzal's city of Quetana. There, they find a Aztec treasure trove of gold artifacts. They all subsequently die of yellow fever.

Quetzal appears to reanimate them.He informs them, "Evil ones, you have profaned my city! Eternal punishment shall be yours! Even in death you shall not rest! Forever shall you roam in living death--suffering the tortures of the damned!"

When Anne Martin arrives at Quetana with her husband Professor Bob Martin, they are captured by Torque and his band of undead cutthroats, who intend on drinking the blood of the Martins for sustenance. Quetzal appears, bringing a halt to the murderous intentions of the residents of Quetana, the City of the Living Dead.

Powers and Abilities

Quetzal displays the power to appear and disappear. He can animate the dead, while maintaining their awareness and memories. He can keep them that way indefinitely.

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