The Ragtime Goblin Man

Real Name


First Appearance

“The Ragtime Goblin Man” (song) (1911)

Original Publisher

E. Howard Clark

Created by

Harry Von Tilzer, Andrew B. Sterling


The Ragtime Goblin Man follows a person with a "hook in his hand", "softly humming a ragtime tune". He follows his victim, sometimes killing them and eating their flesh. The Ragtime Goblin Man has glaring eyes and hot breath. He once had a mild personality but the reason for his change in personality is not explained in the song.

Powers and Abilities

The Ragtime Goblin Man is very strong, and will beat his victims, sometimes utilizing his hook in the attack. His gaze is terrifying. He exudes a powerful personality which put his victims in a state of fear. He also gives rides in his “ragtime van.”

Public Domain Appearance

  • “The Ragtime Goblin Man” (song), by Andrew B. Sterling, music by Harry Von Tilzer, 1911. (Johns Hopkins U.)


  • Ragtime Goblin Man is also called "Mister Bug-A Boo".

See also

  • Ragtime Goblin Man video at Youtube

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