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The Rake is a fictional humanoid creature that infrequently stalks people by sometimes appearing at the foot of the victims bed, and has been known to mutilate and abduct children. The Rake originated as a "creepypasta" (urban legends or scary stories circulated on the internet) and was created by an anonymous poster in late 2005. The creature is depicted as a crouching humanoid that is around 6 feet tall, with pale, grey-colored skin. Its eyes are slightly larger than a human's, and they glow, which is the sign of a tissue in its eyes known as tapetum lucidum. It lacks a nose and its mouth is smaller than a human's, but when attacked or provoked, it opens freely on a hinge down to its neckline, showing hundreds of dull yet sharp teeth.


The Rake is described as tall but crouching, most often seen with wide, glowing eyes in suburban areas. It opens its mouth and widens its eyes when provoked and attacks when approached. If not provoked or approached, it just stares at you ominously. It is said to maul humans in their sleep or drive people to commit suicide.



  • The Rake is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Author citations are not necessary.
  • The Rake was considered by some to be the precursor to the Slender Man. While almost everybody involved with the creature understands that it isn't real, the internet allows others to build on the established theories, and thus lend an air of authenticity to the cryptid. Web surfers have hoaxed pictures and similar forms of proof to "justify" the Rake's existence.

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