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Rang-A-Tang, The Wonder Dog

Real Name


First Appearance

Blue Ribbon Comics #1 (November, 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Norman Danberg and Will Harr?


Rang-A-Tang was a brave, loyal and highly talented German shephard, who protected good humans and friendly animals from all manner of peril. Originally a circus dog, Rang-A-Tang escaped a cruel master and lived on the streets until he saved the life of a private eye named Hy Speed. Rang-A-Tang found a new home with the detective, who took him in as his crimefighting partner. Rang-A-Tang later developed a relationship with a child star named Richy "The Amazing Boy" Waters.

Rang-A-Tang was a good tracker, smart enough to outwit human foes and fierce enough to fight off bears and wildcats.

Golden Age Appearances

Blue Ribbon Comics #1-22


Rang-A-Tang was clearly inspired by Rin-Tin-Tin.

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