Ray Gunn
Ray gunn
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Real Name

Raymond Dumarest Gunovich

First Appearance

PDSH Wiki (March 2010)

Original Publisher


Created by

JEREMYSIDESHOW‎‎ and KnightRandom

Ray Gunn, the Man of Tomorrow, is the captain of the spaceship Camelot. He has no powers, but he uses a jetpack and a raygun of mysterious origin. He wears a red and yellow jumpsuit and a red helmet with a yellow fin.


Raymond Dumarest Gunovich was a grad student in archaeology at the University of the Resplendent Dragon on the planet Estormelm. He traveled to the dead planet Ataraxia to do what he thought would be boring, menial field work. But on an investigation into the great desert of Ataraxia he encountered the wreck of the ancient Jovian starship Camelot, built 500 years ago by King Auro III, in the age when Mars roamed throughout the galaxy sowing war and ruin. Auro III's predecessors had brought in Voltan mercenaries to fight the Saturnian warlord Tiger Hart, but the Voltans then conquered Jupiter themselves. He built the starship Camelot with its revolutionary AI, the Mental Electronic Responsive Linked Interstitial Network (MERLIN) and the extremely powerful atomic-powered ray gun X-Caliber, technology that no one in the following centuries had ever been able to reproduce. He built a great galactic civilization which was peaceful and just, but was killed by his own clone. Upon his death Auro sent out the starship Camelot to choose a new champion for the galaxy in its hour of greatest need, who would be called the Man of Tomorrow.

In the 31st century, the Union of Planets that had replaced the Holy Jovian Empire had itself fallen into decay and a new threat was abroad in the galaxy. Mars had returned after being driven away for centuries by Mysta and had driven KINGFISHER, the AI that coordinates the Union of Worlds, insane by leading it to reprogram itself with human emotions. The time for a new champion had come. MERLIN saw a seed of courage in Raymond's heart and chose him to be that new champion. He drew Raymond into the ship and forced him to fight in his holographic training program. After six months of intense training, Raymond developed considerable strength and reflexes, and was armed with X-Caliber and Auro's jetpack. He now uses the name Ray Gunn. With a crew of misfits and outcasts from across the galaxy, he travels on his quest to fight Mars and cleanse the soul of KINGFISHER. He has a passionate love/hate relationship with Tara, immortal queen of the space pirates. His goal is to defeat Mars so he can go back home and finish his dissertation.

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