Reckoner and Chipper

Real Name

Matty Martin (Michael Shayne) / Rocky

First Appearance

Cat-Man Comics vol. 2 #12 (#25) (July, 1944)

Original Publisher

Continental / Holyoke

Created by

Don Rico

Golden Age Origin

A cab driver named Matty Martin (or, depending on the story, Michael Shayne) became the costumed crime fighter Reckoner after changing into his top hat, cloak, and sometimes a black mask. None of the stories ever explained what prompted him to do this in the first place. He had no powers, but was a good detective skilled with his fists. He was assisted by his sidekick Chipper, an orphaned boy he met during his first (published) adventure.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Cat-Man Comics #25, 27-32
  • Terrific Comics #5-6

See Also

International Hero

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