Red Blazer
Red Blazer

Real Name

Jack Dawson

First Appearance

Pocket Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Avison


In 1940, Jack Dawson was grazing some cattle when he noticed a meteor and found out that it was a spaceship that had been built and piloted by Dr. Morgan. Dawson approached Morgan, who was burying an alien. Jack helped him bury the being and was invited by Dawson into the spaceship and offered a drink. He blacked out, and when he awoke, he found himself in space.

Dr. Morgan informed him thorough a televised message that Dawson was exposed to Heaviside radiation. The radiation would not only rejuvenate him but also give him super powers. After returning to Earth, he discovered that he now had elemental fire powers, so he took the name Red Blazer and fought crime.

After being rejuvenated, Red Blazer aged at a much slower rate, and therefore his super hero career spanned decades. He was assisted by his sidekick, Sparky.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Pocket Comics #1-4


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