Red Fawn
Red fawn

Real Name

Red Fawn

First Appearance

Indians #1

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Clyde Dewey


Description from Indians #1:

"Soon the winter winds would howl the plains the Tawakoni tribe called home... Now must the deer be hunted, the bison speared for food and skins, the teepees lined with new tanned furs to give them shelter from the icy blasts that would soon sweep the land... but one young maiden cared not for women's work, instead she yearned to roam the plains with the stalkers of deer... and as Red Fawn listened to the ancient one, she whispered to her timid friend... 'Pah! Is our lot to be nothing but cooking, sewing, and making wigwams? Come, Snow Maiden, follow me with silent feet!"

Red Fawn and Snow Maiden head out to hunt for a deer. Acquiring a raft, they take to the river. There, they are observed by a Tawakoni warrior, Lone Eagle. Lone Eagle challenges them, but Red Fawn knocks him into the river while Snow Maiden pushes the raft away. A small group of Comanches lie in wait to attack the Tawakoni hunters to make captive young strays they may find and turn them into hunters for the Comanche tribe.

Red Fawn, seeking an eagle hawk she wounded with an arrow, and her friend Snow Maiden are caught by Lone Eagle and two other Tawakoni warriors. Lone Eagle prepares to punish the two, but Red Fawn runs away. In her escape, she leaps over a log onto the back of a Comanche warrior who hides there.

The Comanches try to capture her, but she kicks one of the warriors in his "thunder rod", making him shout in pain. The shout alerts the Tawakoni hunters, who soon subdue the Comanches, who quickly surrender to superior numbers. Red Fawn manages to capture the Comanche leader. Red Fawn is only punished lightly, her valuable contributions recognized by the Tawakoni chieftain.

Red Fawn says, "Hai! Five stings of the willow reed is a small price to pay, for I, Red Fawn, have the prize of an eagle hawk, a captive Comanche leader, and the honor of saving my tribe...Aye, Red Fawn is a GREAT hunter!"


Red Fawn is expert with a bow and arrow, stealthy, and a fleet runner. She is self-confident and willful.

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