Red mask
Red mask

Real Name

Tim Holt

First Appearance

Tim Holt #20 (1950)

Original Publisher

Magazine Enterprises

Created by

Ray Krank and Frank Bolle


Tim Holt started out as a typical cowboy hero who wandered throughout the Old West fighting outlaws. His life changed when he came to the aid of Don Vincente Gomez, who was being threatened by the bandit El Terror. Gomez told him of the legend of Red Mask, a Zorro-like hero from a hundred years ago who helped the poor and oppressed in the Rio Grande with his rapier and gun. Tim decided to strike fear into the heart of El Terror by becoming Red Mask himself, and continued to use this guise against other foes. His enemies included Strawman, Lady Doom, Iron Mask, and the Black Phantom who later reformed and became his sidekick. He had no powers, but was a skilled fighter, marksman, knife thrower, and horse rider.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Tim Holt #1-19 (as Tim Holt)
  • Tim Holt #20-41 (as Red Mask)
  • Best of The West #1-11
  • Red Mask #42-54


  • Tim Holt was a real Hollywood actor who, like many other Western stars of the time, had a fictional, comic book character based off him.
    • The Red Mask identity originated in the comics and kept the series going way beyond his short-lived career.

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