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Red Robbins
Red robbins
One Man Avenger

Real Name

Red Robbins

First Appearance

All Top Comics #1 (1944)

Original Publisher

Fox Features Syndicate

Created by


Golden Age Origin

Red Robbins was known as "the fastest man in the world" thanks to his super-speed. He never uses a gun. He was assisted by "Speed" Karr, an African-American comedy sidekick. Speed believed he had super speed like Red, but he in fact moved super slow. He made up for it by being a decently skilled detective. Red Robbins fought the villainous Reltih in his first adventure.

Golden Age Appearances

  • All Top Comics #1
  • All Good Comics
  • All Your Comics(nn)-#1
  • Book of All-Comics #1
  • The Book of Comics #1

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