Reef Ryan

Real Name

Reef Ryan

First Appearance

Planet Comics #13 (July, 1941)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Al Gabriele?

Golden Age Origin

Reef Ryan was a space explorer who believed that there was life under the surface of Neptune. Exploring the planet, he discovered a feudal civilization living more than 10 miles below the surface. He was welcomed by a native woman named Vara, daughter of Nepon, deposed king of the city state of Coraam. Coraam was a city floating on one of Neptune's seas, built from glowing corral. He helped Vara and Nepon battle the tyrant Sarku.


Later Reef and Vara were retrieved from Neptune by Flint Baker. Reef and Flint then became partners in the Space Rangers organization and had many adventures together. They originally operated under the command of the Viceroy of Earth, and later worked for a Martian commander named who considered humans stupid and expendable.

Reef was a good athlete and fighter. He carried whatever weapons or equipment he needed to achieve a mission. After he became a Space Ranger, Vara was no longer seen, and Reef was portrayed as very eager to charm women, but usually proving less successful than the more humble Flint Baker.


Reef's costumes usually varied from issue to issue, but when he was solo, he usually wore a sleeveless or short sleeve shirt, either yellow or blue. As a Space Ranger, he wore a number of Space Rangers uniforms, most of which were long sleeved and red with an SR logo. In his first appearances, his hair was black. Once he became a member of the Space Rangers, his hair became blond to distinguish him from his partner, Flint Baker.

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Planet Comics (1940 series) #13-37, 39-43, 65, 67-68, 70-71
  • Rangers Comics (1942 series) #67-68
  • Fight Comics (1940 series) #79
  • Jumbo Comics (1938 series) #167
  • Man O' Mars (1953 series) #1

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