Revenge Syndicate
Revenge Syndicate
From left to right Weeper, Murder Prophet, Black Rat

Team Roster

Black Rat, Weeper, Murder Prophet

First Appearance

Bulletman #7 (1942)

Original Publisher


Created by


Golden Age Origin

The Revenge Syndicate was a group of Bulletman's greatest foes: the Black Rat, the Murder Prophet, and the Weeper. The villains united together to eliminate their common nemesis who stood in the way of their crime spree. They however all want to be in charge so they roll dice to decide who will lead each job. Prophet gets the first job robbing the art museum. They fail thanks to Bulletman and Bulletgirl, but Weeper leads the group to steal from a charity bazaar. That also fails and the group ends up driving off a cliff and into the water. Black Rat saves his comrades and decides they need to destroy Bulletman. So he organized some goons for their plan and sets up a decoy so that the Revenge Syndicate can ironically riddle Bulletman with bullets, but the hero is too smart and sets up his own dummy which takes the fire and allows him and Bulletgirl to surprise the crooks. During their fight a fire broke out engulfing the hideout and preventing Bulletman and his sidekick from saving the Revenge Syndicate from the flames.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Bulletman #7

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